Custom Design presentations and workshops for parent communities


In these informative workshops and presentations, parents will learn strategies and tools on how to empower their families by improving communication, decreasing stress and increasing energy, increasing self-care and self-esteem, authentic role-modeling, listening to understand instead of to respond, and helping parents restore communication and repair connection in the modern family. The presentation topics are customizable based on the community’s goals and objectives however these are the learnings we typically touch on:

  • Filling Your Own Cup: Self-Care and Self-Worth 
  • Creating A Mindful Generation: Mindfulness at Home 
  • Creating Conscious Communication in the Family
  • Emotional Intelligence: Awareness and Expression of Emotions in a Healthy Way
  • Cracking the teenage code 

Typically these presentations are between 45 minutes to 1 hour in length.

Keynote Presentations

For our keynote presentations, our speakers are able to create a large impact by sharing stories, relevant case studies, and researched based findings on the chosen topic while increasing awareness of the associated concepts, tools, and strategies. By tailoring to the audience and keeping the specific community goals and objectives in mind, our speakers are able to connect with a wide audience in an authentic and greatly impactful way. These presentations are typically 40 minutes to 1 hour

Interactive Workshops

Through our interactive workshops, participants are given the opportunity to learn and engage with each other in a way that deepens their understanding of the core concepts, tools, and strategies that are shared. Topics are tailored to the community’s goals while also maintaining a connection to where participants are at in their understanding to ensure that everyone gets the most out of the information being shared. Attendees leave these workshops with a deep understanding of the topics discussed, how it relates to them as individuals as well as to their families, and knowing what the ‘next steps’ are to continue their learning even after the workshop is over.

These workshops are typically 45 minutes – 1 hour in length. 

Some topics for Keynote Presentations/Interactive Workshops include: 

  • Empowering a Mindful Generation
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Me Before We
  • Stress Less
  • Conscious Communication
  • Power of Perspective
  • Cracking the Teenage Code
  • Overcoming Fear
  • And more…

Interested in Bringing one of our speakers to your parent community?

Amanda Hayes, Parent and Child / Youth Worker

My daughter has a mental illness and a learning disability, she is one of the strongest young people I know but she was at a breaking point when I decided to attend a presentation at my local high school. My husband and I were going through a separation and my daughter was really feeling a lot of emotions about it. I went to this presentation about youth empowerment and Michael Eisen was one of the guest speakers. I was hoping to gain insight so I could help my daughter get through this rough time. Michael really hit home when he spoke about his personal experiences and it sounded like he was telling my daughter’s story. I realized then that there was a way to change this around for her so that she feels more in control of her life. Michael spoke about perspective and how we as parents tend to look at situations through our perspective without really listening to our child’s perspective. As soon as I left this presentation I started to consciously pay more attention to how I expressed my perspective. I have since noticed that my communication with my daughter has improved greatly and she is more willing to open up to me than ever before. My daughter saw Michael speak as well she was so impressed with him and felt an immediate connection to his story. Michael is now doing one on one mentoring with my daughter and one of the things they are working on is how to change her negative thoughts to positive ones. I have noticed a huge difference in her, she is starting to look at negative situations differently and how she can turn them around or find the positive in it. She is working towards finding a balance in her life and this is a wonderful thing to watch.