The Youth Wellness Network (YWN) Programming offers education and resources for students, parents, and teachers in an experiential and hands-on learning environment.

Our mission is to inspire participants to live happier and healthier lives by sharing evidence-based tools and strategies that increase individual mental health and well-being.

In response to the growing need for mental health education and resources, YWN has established itself as a trusted go-to organization that has successfully provided an interactive program in 300+ schools and organizations over the last 10 years with tremendous results.

Within our programming, students, teachers, and parents all receive congruent evidence-based tools and strategies that help develop more self-awareness, self-worth, emotional intelligence, and help foster a positive mindset.

Our philosophy is to uncover the root cause of our participant’s mental health and well-being challenges and provide sustainable tools, practices, and strategies that leave students feeling more resilient, teachers feeling less stressed, and parents feeling more connected.

We work directly with administrators to customize our program and approach in order to accomplish their goals and best fit their community’s needs.

Goals and Objectives

Our main focus is on addressing the 5 major challenges that youth face consistently.

These include:

1. Difficulty focusing and concentrating

2. Not understanding emotions or knowing how to express them in healthy ways

3. Lack of self-confidence: self-worth, self-identity, self-esteem, and self-love

4. Difficulty making conscious choices/good decisions

5. Lack of ability to manage and overcome feelings of stress, overwhelm, and anxiety

In addition to our in-school programming, YWN also offers a variety of corporate, and community programs through various customizable keynotes, presentations, and workshops. Soon we will be providing online programs for families who wish to bridge the communication and information gap between youth and parents.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to inspire others in living happier and healthier lives by sharing up to date evidence-based tools and strategies on mental health and well-being. We motivate and encourage youth, teachers, parents, and business professionals to achieve their own personal, family, and professional fulfillment.

The organization’s mission is to inspire youth, teachers, and parents to live happier and healthier lives by sharing evidence-based tools and strategies to increase mental health and well-being among participants. With the YWN Wellness Leader Program, students, teachers, and parents all receive congruent evidence-based information regarding their health and well-being providing consistency and cohesion across the entire three-pronged approach.

Jeannette Rebelo, Vice Principal

General Crerar Public School

Michael and his team have been accommodating and responsive throughout the entire process. Both students and staff members have developed positive relationships with Michael and Anastasia during the course of the program.

The content delivered was deeply aligned with our School Improvement Plan especially with regards to Mental Health and Wellness. The initiatives were designed with both teacher and student voice. In fact, all of the initiatives developed and implemented have become part of our school culture and routines, such as P.B.O.R and its connection to the Zones of Regulation. General Crerar would welcome working with Michael and the Youth Wellness team again.